Chemical Processing

Ensuring safety and uptime for Chemical production facilities present unique machinery types that PdM solutions can help maintain their reliability and uptime while eliminating the risk of widespread environmental issues or disasters.

Critical Assets to Monitor

A failure in these types of systems can result in downtime causing profit loss, or in the worst case, a fugitive emission or disaster:

  • Glass lined pumps for corrosive or caustic agents
  • Multiple compressors, whether turbo, reciprocating or screw-type
  • Pumps for moving volatile liquids, or coolants for temperature maintenance of particular processes
  • Other primary assets in chemical processing include process fans, blowers, extrusion systems, reactor agitators, steam plants and support equipment, and chillers
Best Condition Maintenance Technologies to Apply

  . Vibration Analysis—Much of the equipment in the chemical processing industry has standard rolling element bearings, couplings, and gear boxes. Vibration analysis provides the widest spectrum of deliverable and actionable results versus the cost of the technology.

  . Reciprocating Engine/Compressor Analysis—Phased pressure analysis as well vibration, temperature, and performance analysis can be effective with the reciprocating compressors used extensively in the chemical processing industry.

  .Motor Testing—Larger process equipment, such as reciprocating compRequestaDemo-hands-sqressor drive motors, can benefit from annual motor testing to detect stator, winding, or rotor bar issues.

  . Infrared Thermography—Annual scans are effective in identifying electrical faults such as loose connections, faulty circuits, and switches.

  . Oil Analysis—Oil in gearboxes, bearings, fluid drives can become critical due to the environment of a chemical facility where the environment may be corrosive or acidic requiring regular examination.

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