Condition Monitoring India

Metals & Minerals

Encompasses a wide range of industrial segments including mining, mineral/ore dressing, steel manufacturing, and pyro processing plants and mills.

Critical Assets to Monitor

The primary assets to monitor in the metals and minerals industry are roll stand drives, pumps and fans, mill motors and air compressors. Generally a specific “unit” in the steel industry is comprised of many individual machines. For example, a rolling mill will be made up of a large (1500+ horsepower) motor driving through gearboxes to roughing mills, and multiple direct-drive motors turning the rolling table rolls. In just one typical rolling mill, it is possible to have 250or more ‘bearing points’ including motors, gearboxes, table rolls and roughing mill rolls.

Different steel types have entirely different equipment needs. The above examples pertain to standard carbon-steel production, however in aluminum plants the smelting furnaces rely heavily on vacuum pumps which changes the importance of the technologies applied.

Best Condition Maintenance Technologies to Apply

• Vibration Analysis is an essential technology for the majority of plant assets, including critical assets and balance of plant.

• Oil Analysis is one of the most readily utilized technologies since the metals and minerals industry relies heavily on motors and gearboxes. Quarterly or monthly testing is essential depending on the usage, criticality and severity of service.

• Motor Testing is strongly recommended on larger equipment where downtime and repair costs cannot be tolerated.

• Infrared Thermography does have its usage in monitoring MCC’s for electrical issues and power issues, but really doesn’t apply to the equipment itself.

Predictive maintenance technologies used on a regular, and scheduled basis, will assure maximum uptime and identification of pending faults.