Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are the fuels of the industrialized world. Uninterrupted supply of these raw materials ensures mobility and a reliable power supply. Failures in the supply chain usually have severe consequences in many industrial sectors.

Oil Platforms :
Each platform produces from multiple wells located as far out as 15 miles from the platform itself. Oil and gas flows to the platform where it is treated and separated. Several processes take place on the platform to aid in the treatment and separation process. Oil and gas is then transported via pipeline to shore. These pipelines sometimes feed other offshore platforms that act as transfer stations to boost pressures.

Typical machines and systems in the conveyance and transport of oil and gas:

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Expanders
  • Generators
  • Drill head drives
  • Thruster drives (offshore platform).

The stringent requirements for equipment in potentially explosive areas are characteristic for these industries. That is why MVS ACMEI takes these requirements into account in the development of its measurement systems; each new product being also offered in an explosion-proof version.