Turbine Oil Analysis

Condition Monitoring India

Today’s turbines are subjected to increasingly severe working conditions. These demands result in oil degradation which can cause lower performance, corrosion, and eventually equipment failures.

  • Oxidation: Oxidation can be initiated by the presence of wear metals, exposure to air, and higher operating speeds and temperatures.
  • Thermal Degradation: High operating temperatures cause chemical changes in the base oil and additives, resulting in material deposits and eventually equipment failure.
  • Contamination: Through normal operation, turbines are exposed to a variety of contaminants, such as dust, water, chemicals, and wear metals. These elements contribute to a variety of issues, such as oxidation and foaming.
Engine Oil Standard Advanced
Wear Metals
Viscosity (100˚ C)
Viscosity (40˚ C)
FTIR (Fuel Dilution, Soot, Glycol,
Oxidation, Nitration, Sulfation)
Water %
TAN (Total Acid Number)
TBN (Total Base Number)
Particle Count
Ferrous Density